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We are not just committed to our community of Lynch, NE - we are owned by it! Whether you live in or around Lynch, grew up in Lynch, have family members living in the area, or simply want to be a part of a project that helps a rural community grow and prosper, we would like to invite you to donate or become an owner by investing in the Valley Foods Cooperative!


A grocery store is the heart of what keeps small, rural communities alive and you can be a part of that story. We invite you to consider making a donation to the plentiful future of our community. We are beyond grateful for the generosity and support our community has shown thus far in making this dream a reality, and we look forward to the opportunity to celebrate at the grand opening with you.


Please make checks payable to Valley Foods Cooperative and mail your donation to:

Valley Foods Cooperative

PO Box 133

Lynch, NE 68746

Disclaimer: We are not a 501c3 and as such, any donations you give

directly to Valley Foods Cooperative are not tax deductible.


We are thrilled to announce that we have been approved by the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance to sell shares. Incentives for investing include, but aren’t limited to a sense of ownership and voice, self-reliance, and convenience. Larger, more personal incentives, which can’t be quantified, are the assurance that our community has access to affordable, healthy food options and the peace of mind that our community will continue to grow and prosper so that our children and grandchildren have a place to come back to.


To make your informed decision about becoming an investor, please click on and read the documents below.

If you are ready to become an owner by investing in the Valley Foods Cooperative, please fill out the Membership Agreement Form found at the button below. Mail to us at the address on the form with your payment! Thank you for investing in our plentiful future!

For businesses and/or residents outside of Nebraska that wish to be a part of VFC:



"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have." Jim Rohn

Donate Now


Do you have resources you'd like to invest in the coop? Click "Invest Now" for more info!

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