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A Bit About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

There’s something special about a community working together to provide essential nutritious food for its residents. It connects us to the process of growing and raising the food that is served at our dinner tables and gives us more respect for the land, the farmers and ranchers, and life in general.

A grocery store is the heart that keeps small, rural communities like ours alive. Research of small, rural towns like ours show that without a grocery store, it is difficult to attract new residents. This leaves the fate of the community questionable. There are currently no grocery options within a 20 mile round trip of Lynch. Having a grocery store in town ensures our children and grandchildren a place to come home to.

It is estimated that we will need a minimum of $75,000 for start-up inventory, coolers, freezers, checkout scanner and other equipment. We hope to raise more to improve the building. We would like to be able to include local and regional producers to supply healthy foods year round. We hope to be open in October!

Farmer with Daughters
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